Electric Scooter for Adults – IQHD-001


You will change your understanding of all the Scooters you know and give your life a new excitement. This is a unique experience that adds excitement to Offering you to rediscover your style, it offers more than an ordinary Scooter with a speed of 35 Km and a high range Experience a Lifetime Adventure session with One of the most electrifying and Snazzy Scooter Of its times. Let the wilderness within you Flow to the maximum.



Main technical parameters of the whole bicycle

  1. Overall dimension:1900 810 1160mm
  2. Wheel base: 1350mm
  3. 3.Seat height: 750mm
  4. Weight of the whole scooter:58-65kg
  5. Tyre specification: 225/ 55857225 /40-8,57N
  6. Max load: 150kg
  7. Designed max speed: 45km/h
  8. Continuous mileage: 60-120km
  9. Max. torque: 95n/m
  10. Max, slope: 250
  11. braking performance (speed 20km/h): Dry condition: 1.2m; Wet condition: 3.1m

Main technical parameters of the storage cell

  1. Cell type: power lithium cell
  2. Capacity:12AH20AH
  3. Nominal voltage: 60V

Main technical parameters of the motor

  1. Motor type: brushless direct current hub motor
  2. Rated power:2000W

Main technical parameters of the controller

  1. Current-limiting protection value:s251A
  2. Under-voltage protection value: 52+0.5V

Main technical parameters of the charger

  1. Input voltage (AC): AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  2. Output voltage (DC): 67.2V 2.0A/3.0A
  3. Charging time (depending the remaining electricity):8-10h

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