Our Difference

Welcome to Dubai Crown General Trading L.L.C

Why Dubai Crown?

Service, the way it should be Dubai Crown is all about incredible service. So, whether you get in touch with us through our online shop or in one of our stores, we’ll do our best to ensure you have the same impeccable service from start to finish. As we are new at home in Dubai, we are shortly introducing a customer feedback and rating system known as “Net Promoter Score” (NPS). This is a system that is used around the world by many leading brands, such as from John Lewis, Apple Inc. and etc. It just asks one simple question “On a scale of 0-10, how likely is it that you would recommend a company’s products or services to a friend or colleague?”
Our aim is to have one of the highest NPS scores for our brands.


Handpicked Tested Quality Product Sourcing from around the Globe


Products that are customized and tailored for our discerning clients demand and whim.

We listen

If you can dream it ! We can deliver it !

Let us know the products that you would like to see in our stores and we promise you that we will consider all aspects very carefully and strive to deliver a quality product soon thereafter.

Our Vision

To imagine, create and deliver integrated property solutions for all communities across the UAE and the rest of the world.

Without customers, we have no business. Understanding their needs and providing qualitative engagement drives financial performance. Our ambition is to ensure we put customers at the center of our decision making by critically asking ourselves three fundamental questions:

• What are the needs of our customers?
• Where are they currently being under-served?
• How can we serve our customer better?

Our Mission

We believe the single most important attribute is truth. We strive to be true to our company, our business partners and customers. We pay close attention to the materials and components we source, to market needs as well as market fashion, to sound innovation that adds value as well as performance and reliability. Once a product reaches the market, our customer care and service systems enable us to listen, identify changing needs and opportunities, to offer a range of quality products anytime every time.

Corporate Values

At Dubai Crown, we are building a ‘culture of winning behavior’ through developing pillars of Sustainability, Innovation, Customer Service and Human Capital. Environmental, social and economic considerations are integral to creating and sustaining value and managing risk. Around the region, governments and communities are seeking trusted partners who can enhance urban areas with efficient, healthy and resilient outcomes. At Dubai Crown, we aspire to lead in this space. Innovation is key to our stakeholders and forms part of our core values, creating value for both our customers and us as a company.

People are our greatest asset at Dubai Crown. We aim to attract and retain the best of the best by building a culture of collaboration, continuous learning and recognizing and rewarding success constantly.

Investing for Business Success

In building our company, we emphasize truth, integrity and quality allied to exceptional customer’s service. Because we take a long-term view, those corporate values are applied to every one of our staff members. When recruiting, we offer sustained employment that provides a proactive learning environment. In return, we look for qualifications and experience, but we demand traits such as honestly, sincerity, responsibility, reliability and versatility.

Training our staff members to possess the drive to excel and to instill those qualities into the products we create is also one of our main factors.

We seek to share our success with our business partners, and to help build your business as a result. For manufacturers, our aim is to increase your sales, including by ensuring market visibility and that sales staffs are fully knowledgeable about the qualities and advantages of each of our products.

For vendors and re-sellers an attractive range of discounts is available. For agents, the opportunities for generating positive financial returns are significant. Be part of our vision and our future!

Experienced In-Depth
Market Knowledge

With over two decades of experience in communications, design, manufacture, distribution, sales and service in the Far East and North America, Dubai Crown General Trading L.L.C, lead and supported by it’s respected, knowledgeable senior personnel, is now at home in the United Arab Emirates in the city of Dubai.

Dubai’s strategic location and continued investment have made it one of the most hyper-connected places on the planet. With a pro-business environment, favorable tax regime and state-of-the-art telecommunications, Dubai has become a transcontinental business hub with one third of the world’s population within four hours of flying time. Today, Dubai provides the most convenient and potentially rewarding launch pad for businesses expanding into the GCC and around the World.

Distributing to the World

To manage our vast inventory, we have partnered with several distributors and courier services in the region and globally. We believe the combination of modern and threat tested logistics methodology, alongside our warehouse capacity, distribution strength and positive business approach creates an unstoppable logistics force.

To guarantee our supply chain is cost-effective, secure and gap-free, we work closely with third-party forwarders from wharf to warehouse to ensure early customs clearance, climate-controlled storage and rapid delivery.