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Why Dubai Crown?

With over two decades of experience in communications, design, manufacture, distribution, sales and service in the Far East and North America, Dubai Crown General Trading L.L.C, lead and supported by it’s respected, knowledgeable senior personnel, is now at home in the United Arab Emirates in the city of Dubai.

Dubai’s strategic location and continued investment have made it one of the most hyper-connected places on the planet. With a pro-business environment, favorable tax regime and state-of-the-art telecommunications, Dubai has become a transcontinental business hub with one third of the world’s population within four hours of flying time. Today, Dubai provides the most convenient and potentially rewarding launch pad for businesses expanding into the GCC and around the World.

Dubai Crown General Trading - Brands and Products

Our Brands and Products

Our branded products (IQ and Victorious) have set standards in the market. Many current and potential customers in the UAE and the region need access to better and more diversified products.

Quality Products, Reliability, Safety, Aesthetic visual factors, friendly, knowledgeable and accurate customer service, Fast delivery, after sales service and a commitment to our valued customers is what sets us apart from the rest.

Online Innovation

Whether through wholesale or retail sales, we aim to reach our customer base efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, our online shopping portal (Coming Soon) will offer the opportunity to service customers located away from existing outlets, across the UAE, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the World.

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Manufacturing Excellence

Having started as a sales organization in the US, our company expanded into manufacturing and ultimately has gone into Online distribution.

Our highly creative design team as well as our manufacturing team always work on the principle “customer first” We firmly believe that delivering a quality product that is better and more stylishly designed, with the functionality and affordability is not simply the best way to conduct business, but the only way to do so. This is of course backed up with our company’s warranty and standard seal.

Dubai Crown - Global Responsibility

Global Responsibility

At Dubai Crown, our aim is to use our strengths and collaborate with our partners and suppliers to transform the systems on which we all rely on to advance our ambitious commitments and goals within the priority areas of opportunity, sustainability and community.

We believe that our work in these areas is not only beneficial for our business, but also creates shared value for customers and our society by not only producing a systems change and shared values, but also with our approach to global responsibility. That underscores the importance of true integration into our core business, drawing upon our core capabilities and strengths.

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